Links to Other Sites

Most local churches have their own web sites. The other church in this benefice is St Andrew's Marks Tey. For information about other churches in the Colchester Deanery visit their website, and for other churches in the diocese, start at the Diocese of Chelmsford home page.

If you are beginning to think about the Christian faith, then we would encourage you to attend an Alpha course, usually held jointly with Marks Tey. Please ask the Rector (Tel. 01206 215772) or the Reader (01206 571070) for details.

There is a good site, that takes you through the basics of becoming a Christian, through an introduction to Christian faith called Two Ways to Live.


We support a number of Missions and Charities, including:

Christian Youth Outreach (CYO) works to share God's love unconditionally with young people and to help them understand who Jesus is, what he has done and the challenge that he offers. They work in partnership with churches, schools, Colchester Borough Council, the Police and other organisations, and depend on the involvement of many people who all play a vital part in the different things they do.

Beacon House, at 90-91 East Hill, Colchester is a Christian Charity that offers healthcare and wellbeing facilities to those who are homeless, in insecure accommodation, or at high risk of homelessness. Their main services include: A Primary Care Clinic, Welcome Services, Laundry Services and a Life Skills Development Centre. Supplies are taken from the church throughout the year.

Open Door is located on Eld Lane, Colchester in the Baptist Church building. It has been the Colchester Drop-in Centre for 28 years. Since their opening in 1986, they have befriended many people and journeyed with them through the highs and lows of their lives without judgement or prejudice. We support this work, and the Food Bank, with our Harvest offerings.

Colchester Food Bank is part of the Trussell Trust. It works to feed people in crisis. They gives three days of nutritionally-balanced food and support to people experiencing emotional or financial crisis.

Tearfund is a Christian Relief Agency that has the Bible and historic evangelical understanding of its central truths as its foundations. It aims to serve the poor in many of the poorest countries of the world in partnership with local churches.

Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS) is an Anglican home mission agency working across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Their vision is for the local church to become a nurturing community evangelising people of all ages. CPAS act as our patron.

We help support a thriving church in Kathmandu, Nepal. Together with Marks Tey church we have made a major contribution to the Orphanage which they run, and to some of the running expenses. For the latest information, please see the notice board at the back of the church. Together with Marks Tey, we made a direct response to the church in the aftermath of the earthquake in April 2015.

The Bible Society exists because millions lack the Bible in a language they can understand, in a form they can use or at a price they can afford. At the same time millions still have no understanding of the Bible’s value for them and their communities.